Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Ok. No idea why I'm going public with this. Maybe I've grown over it. Had been writing this since past semester. Yeah, took an awful lot of time. Added stanzas whenever I pleased. This piece suffered a lot, blame my whims and fancies. And now it dies.


Myriad thoughts
Reflected in her eyes
A sardonic smile
The perfect disguise

Commanding her rationale
To dive, ponder and pause
To unearth her own being
Find out who she was

The cherub
A carefree, foamy wave
Golden under the sun
Merrily ambling away

The sensitive
A soothing, patient brook
Talks to the mind
Returns what worries took

The thinker
Serene expanse of blue
A pebble's ripples
Contemplating old and new

The ambitious
A proud, roaring waterfall
Stones, hills, rocks
Wanting to conquer them all

The sorrowed
Bare, disobedient lament
A trickle, a deluge
Unrestrained drops of sentiment

The erudite
Orb's wisdom pouring in
Ocean gleaming in the sun
Ageless, all-pervading

The destructor
The whirlpool in the sea
A twisted motive,
Engulfing all in her fury

The mellowed
Meandering to the deep ranks
Recollecting and reminiscing
The voyage between two banks

The nature
The spirit in her entirety
Rediscovering herself,
The unvarying, elemental identity


Pushkar said...

Random......but perhaps will yield some meaning when one ponders over it

Abhishek Kumar said...

deep.. difficult to put into perspective without further thought.
kind of like art...lolz
lets see more of these from you...

abhinand said...

its beautiful :')

nimit said...


mansi said...

as the neighburrrrr forced us to read her new composition in glssses, we were totally convinced tht each emotions r inspired nd fostered by her own life :D
its 1 45 at night ... nd i was here to give comments to her poem...
and here i c this composition...
awesum re.. deep thoughts woven perfectly...