Friday, December 28, 2007

happy (?) holidays

'Tis the festive season. Only it doesn't seem so festive, does it? Torrential rains in Sumatra and Bali causing landslide and killing many, Floods in Sri Lanka, Bangalore and Mexico, and then LTTE and Sri Lankan army battling it out. The latest in this collection of disturbing happenings, Benazir Bhutto shot dead by Al-Qaeda in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Well, sorta takes the ring out of "Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!"...

So its Mother Earth and/or Destiny unleashing her/their fury somewhere, and one can safely rely on terrorists to be at their jobs everywhere else on this planet. I suppose the terrorists/naxalites and other anarchists are pretty much the only ones who are always working, no matter what happens in this world. Highly dedicated towards their cause of spreading ill-will, fear and destruction on this planet. I'm guessing the drive to excel (?) comes from the competition they face from Global-Warming Inc and AIDS, Cancer and associates. The race is on, mate. Let's see who is crowned the destroyer of mankind.

Well, come to think of it, not like this stuff doesn't happen on non-holidays. A part of routine. Then why is it that it kinda makes a deeper impression during hols? Or is it just me? Was reading a friend's blog, he started off all shocked and appalled at Bhutto's murder, and then talked about Santas and elves spreading cheer among children in his neighbourhood. Seemed a little strange to me. Maybe he could've continued about Benazir, and the repercussions on Pakistan. But he didn't. Probably he had the whole 'new year' and 'joy and happiness' thing going.

I'm still stuck at the Benazir assasination. Seriously, killing someone and then blowing yourself up (and hence killing more people).. This requires a heck of a brainwasher. Just too much of avoidable bloodshed going on here. Switch the TV on, and you see such images being thrust into your faces. Can't blame people if they get desensitized due to the overdose of goriness. Sucks.

I think I'm over-stressing and over-thinking about this. Oh well, what the heck. Put the movie on, pass me some popcorn. Happy new year people!

Friday, December 21, 2007

quarky quirks and delhi ki sardi

So, it is December and it's as cold as it gets in Delhi. Though I am a little disappointed. Haven't seen fog after 12 noon yet :(. And yes, internet is the life-saver again when the cold and cruel wave of boredom sweeps across the place. And so, here I am, under the imminent danger of losing one or two of my toes to frostbite (and this is when i am wearing socks).

The big Q is getting closer and closer. Its bigger than ever. We hit 10 lakh already!!! :D Can feel the fever and fervour... PCQuest already in. Hmm... Its gonna be hard work, come January. Exciting. It's as if Quark is not just the "annual technical extravaganza of BITS, Pilani - Goa Campus".. but some sort of hot-shot celeb everyone is waiting for, and going all out to ensure Q has a great time. Publicity writers, Org Co people (no, not orgy Eeshan), Sponsorship guys.. EPC too...
Everyones all busy and on with it. It feels nice when your Delhi friends suddenly tell you they are participating, when your college is in Goa. Its been through ups and downs, seen tops and bottoms, been strange yet charming so far. Can only get better. Yup, Quark is gonna be here soon..!!! check this out.

(and the sentence before the last one was a very miserable attempt at getting the names of all quarks (subatomic particles, stoopid!) in a sentence.)

(and you had to read the paragraph above coz:
1. Im bored, and seriously have nothing to do.
2. other people are busy with quark, least i can do is bestow upon this fest a great privilege, by giving it a little space on this phenomenal, stupendous, etc etc (fingers too cold and it takes time typing big words) and sexy blog. blah!
3. Madhura told me to update me blog.)

And its highly cold. And i don't have any interesting stories to tell. Well, nothing except that I would've been Pocahontas if this world was Disneyworld, and that Facebook is one of the best ways to kill time, and that my fingers are frozen, and that my feet pretty soon will have icicles on em.

And I went for the alumni lunch today, and called a 2001 batch girl "old" :P

Adios Amigos.