Sunday, February 24, 2008

exam time special.

Well, test 1 going on. Last one tomorrow, Electrical Sciences 2. I should be studying right? Tturns out three-phases and magnetic circuits aren't exactly my idea of fun. One thing I've noticed is that my mind notices everything under the sun and more often than not classifies it as 'interesting'. Well, maybe because stuff is being compared with really realy mundane activities like studying. mugging and associated activities.

Oh well, so here's a list of the things I've noticed during the last week, since before T1 began. Stuff that otherwise nobody pays much attention to. Basically exam-time specials:

1. You suddenly feel very drowsy at nights, when you could stay up surfing the net aimlessly, playing games and what not during non-exam time.

2. You start feeling very very hungry at nights (the ones you are up on), and you almost never have any food in your room. And your neighbours are sleeping too. (point 1)

3. The sudden cleaning spurt. You just HAVE to clean or wash your fan/table/clothes/room. Well, maybe it's a girls' hostel thing...

4. You get addicted. To various TV series (How I Met Your Mother being the flavour last sem, this semester its Kyle XY). Or as in my case, ebooks and comics. (Archie! Jughead! Betty & Veronica! Aaah...)

5. Almost everyone (from your college) on your gtalk list has exam-related, very creative status messages. Sample this: "State urysohn's 7th lemma on Gaussian operators in the Argand plane..backwards.." or "aaye saala ... abhi abhi hua yakeen... test 1 ke liye maine kuch ... pada nahi ... class ko ..main kab gaya .... kitab ko kisne pakda ....chalte raho .... rubarooo...". This was mine, drawing upon my QUARK experiences - "motto of the week: padh le bewkoof!"

6. Eye for detail. Makes itself really prominent these days. Like today i realized that my corridor inhabitants possess all kinds of locks. Like 107 uses a 7 lever lock, and 119 uses a real tiny one, one that you might put on your suitcase while travelling. I realized i have a 6 lever one. And the average i think is between 5 and 5.2 levers per lock in my corridor.
Or that, you suddenly find yourself making B-plans for the local nescafe/monginis outlet. If Monginis increases its stock of veg sandwiches by x%, then they would last beyond 9:30 pm. Hence more food for us, and more profit for 'em.

7. The perennial in Top-10-exam-times. The weather. It always is beautiful outside the evening before a test. Especially brilliant if you haven't touched the subject. Would've put power failure as another essential phenomenon, but well, these days it isn't restricted to exam-time and hence has lost out on its slot.

8. Overall increase in creativity. The status messages provide a glimpse. The simultaneous and exponential surge in flow of creative juices in students' minds mainfests itself in forms like newer posts on different blogs (ET, JD updated theirs already), people redecorating their rooms, revolutionary ideas of bugging the hell out of someone etc etc etc.

9. Exam time is when all your old friends decide to come online at the most inappropriate time(or is it really inappropriate?). You can't talk to them, as you have like 70% of your course left, yet you can't not talk to them. Sigh!

10. Boredom. And that oo, whacked boredom, the kind that makes you go all whacky. Like I was so bored once, I went to my (10 pointer) neighbour's room and did all kinds of keede there, including bouncing a ball on her wall. When she finally managed to get me out of her room, I kinda umm, went and tripped our corridor's main switch off. :D Twice.

Well, so long. I really should get down to those transformers now. Additions to the list are welcome! :)

Bestaluck for all your exams/results

(P.S.: I just realized I use 'well' a lot of times...)