Saturday, March 14, 2009

Blogger's Block

Not the first time I've experienced this. Kinda similar to Writer's Block, which plagues many world-wide.

Now, come to think of it, Blogger's Block, is just a specialized term for Writer's Block. When do people not write? Sometimes there's no will. Sometimes there's no content. Sometimes you have an idea, but can not find words to convey it. Writer's Block typically is the last scenario (at least for me), though sometimes there really is no content either.

Pretty weird, and rather inconvenient, this Block business. For example, I am walking on a street, and the streetlight just shuts - like it toggles whenever someone walks close to it, and the feeble orange glow it was emanating vanishes. And then I see the moonlight spreading its milky silver all over the place. I pause, and look around for some ten seconds. A brilliant line comes to my head, potent enough to paint an image in the listener/reader's mind.

So I come back, late night, feel like writing, putting the image in the head into words. When the words fail me. I have that one line (if I'm lucky), but no beginning and end, no idea how to construct an envelope of words, that would get the message through. (Not exactly the best pun in the world, blame the Block.)

Or when you see a silhouette of a boat between two islands, as the sun moves westwards. Or when you see a dog trying to figure out why keechad is fun for humans on Holi. Or when you just sit and shut your eyes, and feel the breeze going past you. Words that are there in your head, just refuse to come out.

Blocks really suck. :|