Sunday, December 31, 2006

new year...

hmm.. so its 31st of december, and here i am sittin totally jobless and bored. no tv this year either.. thanks to CAS, which somehow has managed to get inside ma tv (?!?!?) and is nt allowing me to watch nething except fr star plus which i gave up on after ekta kapoor's star started shining brightly, and then there are numerous news chanels all too eager to present to you the how why when who of mallika sherawat's performance in a party for whch she pocketed 50 lakh rupees..

neway movin on

so lets analyze (wt dat means is dat ill analyze, u cn jus read if u want to) the changes this year brought.

i finished my schooling.. biggest change this year brought. so no more uniform, no more morning assemblies, no more p.e lessons, no more specializn classes, no more bunkin specializn classes... damn ill miss those bday parties, nxt to d ramp or that staircase next to class 10... mr sharma n his 'kyon bhai' that followed his rotund figure in d phy lab... those class acts and those stages that were as good embaressment stations as they can get. crazy founders day practices... n yeah those weird (forgive me ptree n sita...) reiki lessons... bt it does luk funny to see ppl poking their eyes n head and watevr... M.A.P's guitar playin sessions, which basically meant all d break time/free lessons minus d time taken to eat.. and how can i forget jhoola bari!!!! crazy days... but theyre all gone now.... hmmm...

delhi's wide n beautiful roads... to goa's green, narrower curvy roads lined with palm/coconut lined trees.

talkin on the phone for hours at a stretch to talkin for a max of 30 mins in all in a month...

postpaid to prepaid, when the balance reduces like crazy after those 30 mins of talkin are over... ISD on hutch lootofies u like anything...

sharpenin of dhobi-ing/jhado-cum-pochho-ing skills... dats d beauty of residential colleges... no matter wat course ur pursuing, u automatically are trained in vocational fields..

managing (or at least tryin to) ur own money... esp if u r wid sumone who knows exactly what she did wid every 50 paise she had...

adulthood!!!!!! am finally 18 now... so dat means i cn gt a drivers licence n vote n everything... kewl...

something else dis yr taught me ws coping wid a helluva emotional stress... whoa.. try believin in sumthn very strongly, and then later geting to know things werent quite wat u imagined; or try bein stuck between two sides who jus somehw happen to be always opposing each other. freaky circumstances... freakier interpretations of such circumstances... hmm must say did a pretty good balancing act... n neway alls fine that ends fine, or watevr d phrase is :)

gettin used to haphazard method of raining, that doesnt follow the standard protocol of 'first lightening-then thunder-then small drops-then bigger drops- then cats n dogs. instead i believe there is a switch hidden somewhere in d sky that wen turned on, makes u experience instant and intense downpour , faster thn u cn make 2 minute noodles... and wen d switch is turned off, the waether jus pretends nothing ever happened..

question papers wid three questions each worth 25 marks... never seen one of those before 2006...

gettin comments on ma blog... and suggestions!!!!! or maybe d suggestions are cos ppl r so totally frustrated wid atish n his food n d politics associated wid it all that ppl jus vent d steam off on watevr forum dey gt...

neways hope more bakras fall in this innocent lukin trap-blog o mine.... and i am nt responsible fr ne damaged neurons... im such a sadist.... well i learnt dat in college... u see everytime i left d campus i had to give an undertaking that i was gng out on ma own responsibility...

neway, a very happy new year to u all.... have loads of fun and keep readin dis page till u go insane...



Wednesday, November 08, 2006

BITS and pieces

well... figured ill put something up abt ma college life. so ok heres the first installment.


well, trust me this isnt as easy as it seems. u have to have some qualifications to be one, even th in ma case i was (s)elected unopposed. so heres what u gotta have.

1. A zeal for working for your brethren/the eqvlnt word fr sisters: which basically means u shud hv a peanut sized brain.

2. good time management skills: that is u shud be vella/velli enuf to go attend all d meetings, that discuss important issues. like in my case how various clubs shud be formed, how various clubs shud function, what all events shud happen etc etc. and its not like we jus discuss. we also end up finalizing lotsa stuff. like wat we'll discuss in the next meeting.

3. good stamina: as u wud be runnin arnd quite a lot. insti to hostel to insti again. n then at 1 pm (dats d curfew time) back to common room and get people to work on the ideas u discussed. and try not wearin a bright red tshirt sayin "im not tired yet" on such days. personal experience.

4. ability to go deaf/immunity to high decibel sounds thru your cellphone: well it is most likely that youll be sloggin ur ass off... and being a good samaritan and tellin ppl that somehow the tshirts that were ordered are all messed up in size; when this happens. but things do get pretty ok later on so...

5. a good handwriting: especially if ur writin fast, which u most probably will be when ull make notices at 12 o clock at night when ur anyway rushin off to meet one of the top 4 big bosses.

6. good calculation skills/a big wallet: when ur collecting money for t shirts. trust me it is very easy to get confused... even for a calculator which shows that uve got money for 3 more tshirts than what u think. and u need a big wallet/moneybag to keep all those notes that translate into a 5 digit number when together..

7. parrotlike ability to repeat: when you have to repeat the dimensions of 5 sizes of tshirts 10 times per corridor, youll really need this.

8. readiness to bunk classes: as when you get to sleep at 2 am there is no way you can wake up in time. well anyway, not like you mind...

9. agreeability to extra birthday bumps: cos at least u have the consolation that whatever happened was with your consent. even if u dont agree ud neway get em. and not just by your own hostel mates.

10. warm hospitality: when some concerned citizens of your hostel come knockin at your door just when u r about to go to sleep/ have just come back after a shower/cleaning your room; it is the duty of a responsible cul rep to answer all her/his queries and satisfy the person. and u shud be delighted to tell the people that the notices have already been put up. so in case they havent memorized your answers in these 5 or 6 times theyve asked they can always refer to the noticeboard. yeah that and it shud be fine with you ti tell them to write their names on the list instead of knockin at ur door at 1 am.

11. conformance to santa-clausing: ud be goin jungle bells jungle bells (get it? nudge nudge, wink wink) all the way while distributing the tshirts that have finally come into existence to everyone in the hostel.

well i guess uve got the basic idea about the qualifications you need to be a cultural representative of a hostel in bits pilani goa campus. but all said and done, its kinda fun too. u get to meet new people, exchange ideas, be a part of the process that will shape the college's constitution and thus its future. but then again rules can be changed the next year, the way ur changin em this yr... well, all in all.. its a good experience. and with this guide iam sure that u will not be helped in any way. ok the conclusion is gettin reli long.

in case uve survived this, cya soon!


Monday, October 09, 2006

well... this is just an add on... the last post (expoundin on college rules n stuff) was eventually posted on 8th october i.e yesterday... so basically u can get an idea about the power of the almighty cc (comp centre fr d uninitiated) god... see if u hvnt appeased Him/Her/It (well given the fact dat its a comp god after all):

1. u will not gt a wrkin comp
2. if u do, then u will nt be able 2 access
3. if u manage 2 do that also, then u will nt end up openin ur account... and there r various ways in which He can assure this. the server may jus inexplicably go down n stubbornly refuse to get up. or there might be a power failure... or some poor and prone-2-procrastination engg graphics soul might hav an exam d nxt day/hr or might hav saved his stuff on that very comp ur sittin on (and no matr wat comp ur sittin on, its awez UR comp those dumb files will be saved on)... and since u r expected to be a gud samaritan (its worse if ur a gurl) u might hav 2 give up ur comp selflessly...
4. if none of the above happen... well ull try typin stuff in the 'create post' thingy... but no text will appear. instead the cc god will torment u by highlighting all kinds of things.. like various words on the page eg. the title of the blog, or the logo n wat nt...
5. if u end up escaping this too, well might have an 'unexpected' problem... so it'll tell you that 'savin and publishing might not happen cos u seem 2 hv lost connection wid the site'...

ok neway this post wasnt sposd 2 b so long... it ws basically jus to tell everyone the last post came 6 weeks late... not like anyone cares... but neway, since i am hopelessly bored and jobless (am even on this community on orkut named "vellon ki barat") and since ur unfortunate enuf 2 stumble on this link (if ur visitin this pg fr d first time) or if u r d oppressed ones who hv bin ordered 2 cm n read this and then post their cmnts... or u r jus hopelessly optimistic that one day i will talk sense... or if u r also from my planet in this universe (plz temme where we r frm... id luv 2 kno ma roots.. ?!?!?) who actually like readin this stuff...ok i forgot wat i was sayin..
yeah basically if u belong to ne of these categories, plz feel free to post ur cmnts...
till we meet again (poor u... :P)

adios amigo

(that means goodbye my frnd)

Saturday, August 26, 2006

college: a crashcourse in adulthood

whew... so FINALLY got a comp which doesn't have any problems with me tryin to post a new entry... so yeah its been quite a lot of days since college began. this post was originally supposed 2 b put up by 26th august... well anyway...yeah havin fun... have learnt quite a lot of things in less than a month. so all you people who are plannin to spend a part of their beautiful lives in a hostel, well here are a few guidelines, which arfe absolutely essential... but STILL not found in college life books like the chicken soup of college soul (my sister actually issued the book frm school lib so i could read it-not much help of course):

1. Thou shalt not procrastinate over cleaning your room - well, duh! but maybe you'll understand when ur put in my shoes or rather my room.
2. Thou shalt not press snooze on your cellphone's alarm - or you'd wake up to find yourself in a nightmare only its real this time. no place in the loo... and if ur as lazy as me u might end up bunkin all ur classes fr d day... which will have serious consequences later. ull believe me.. just gt to d other side of ur exams.
3. Thou shalt hold your coffee mug (? its actually a steel glass/tumbler) only at the rim - or else you might have to write with scalded fingertips.
4. Thou shalt put detergent in water before clothes - when you are washing your clothes... the laundry out here- a. returns clothes after 6 days and b. it doesnt make much of a difference anyway.
5. Thou shalt not hang around a lot at the local confectionery - or you'd lose all your money (personal experience) plus get fatter. (just that it doesnt happen with me... u'd know if you know me)
6. Thou shalt get a cellphone with radio - or even god cannot save you from dying an untimely death due to excessive boredom during lectures.
7. Thou shalt listen to every word that the lecturer says - well i know it kinda contradicts with no. 6 but you can try. i always listen!!!! one of our profs actually uttered the word "ok" 323 times in 55 minutes!
8. Thou shalt not repair the lecture theatre mike... or sit next to the girl who loves doing so - or die due to sheer embaressment...
9. Thou shalt not leave thermodynamics to last week - or trust me you'll barely end up getting the average...
10. Thou shalt strive to drill theory of relative-grading into peoples head - because if we all get zeroes, the entire batch automatically gets an A... simple isnt it?
11. Thou shalt learn the functions of ur calculator properly well before the exams - or risk losing marks just because u forgot the calc can integrate...
12. Thou shalt use your calc very carefully during exams - so that u avoid makin calculation mistakes... again personal experience...
13. Thou shalt not stay up very late the night before your workshop pracs - or you might end up screwin ur workpiece and worse still end up wiping your workshop partner's tears...
14. Thou shalt not forget to sign before sleeping - well, not like u can sleep then anyway as your room no will be shrieked out incessantly (and not necessarily in ur own corridor or floor)... and if u r one of the very stubborn sleepers, well next mornin get ready to march up to the hostel superintendent's office.
15. Thou shalt wipe your glasses very carefully - esp if u have a half frame with the lens held wid a plastic rubber-band kinda thing... cos well ull hv 2 go blind + sit in the front row (!!!!) + tolerate all kinds of jokes till you get ur glasses repaired.

well... theres lots more... and as you can analyze, ive only put up the funny (!?!?) and positive-lookin rules.... and yeah... ONE thing u must awez remember... Murphy's laws... believe me life would make a lot more sense if u look at it the murphy way...

till i come up wid more crazy stuff, and till the comp centre god lets me put up d crap i come up wid on this page...


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

well, i was thinking of writing another ground-breaking, earth-shattering (haha!) piece that shows the CBSE marking of class 10 science papers as it is.... then i read my sister's blog.... n changed my mind. Mind u, the CBSE's messin up wid the students' papers... according to very reliable sources. like the fact that "name the 2 kinds of polymers" can only have 1 correct answer which is addition and condensation... n if u r a smart kid, or newez a kid with common sense, well sorry but u will not get marks for writin "natural n synthetic... n synthetic polymers are of 2 kinds blah blah blah.... or the fact that bio teachers there were appaled at the fact dat 3 funcns of brain were asked for --- take a deep breath --- only half a mark etc etc etc... ok im losing the track... plus if i put evrything here, well there wud b no pt repeatin d same things again n again no? so if u hvnt gt inconsolably bored yet then 1. ur seriously more patient than most of the homo sapiens inhabiting this world and 2. u wud be delighted (?) cos this is (at least sposd 2 b) a light hearted, umm well, nt so sure wat it is..


so i was readin my sistahs blog... that ungrateful lil turnip (see?? my language is degrading day by day.... now tehelka wont hire me.... i plan 2 be a journalist... if engineering wont have me) she wanted me to babysit her the first day of school which i did not do, as i wanted her to be able 2 stand on her own two feet, to make a place for herself in this whole wide world (of vasant valley, which by the way, for all its snobbery, is smaller than a kendriya vidyalaya i had 2 go 2 to give my iit.... they even had a humungous swimmin pool!!). i wanted her to experience things.... i wanted her to learn how to get up on her feet after falling, and do so wid a smile... and ur hopeless if u fell fr it. ok i was a lil too busy with my own things... but she very conveniently forgot that i came lookin for her in d lunch break.... yeah and i think i mentioned about me plannin to be a journalist.... btw when my sister was younger she used 2 spell journalist as generalist.... see i rembr soo many things abt her... like how she once opened my dad's guests' mouths (maybe his bosses. i dunno)
n asked em "kya kha rahe ho?" as that was maybe one of the few things shed learnt by then...

speaking of bad spellers... well nobody can beat the champion sakshi anand... well well well.... its a remarkable achievement she can spell her own name..... sorry sakshi... but in case i want to be a journalist i have 2 b adept at mud-slinging... hang on... thats what politicians do...... hmmm read this carefully kids cos this is one f the finest (watevr i write is d finest) piece of the country's future prime minister. or maybe americas (only make that president in this case). i plan 2 unite india n america..... nah... i dont.... see ive gone crazy... try livin wid my sister for 11 odd years..... but ill make sure I dont bombard a nation lookin for wmds that never existed... or leakin reports to press and then later promisin 2 take action against those "traitors" in the government who leaked the aforementioned reports.... or then even later admittin that it was i who did so........ im nt that cheap.

talkin of cheapos..... i d just like to say that i hate u sita priya moorthi.... u hvnt yet gt me d pictures u promised.... or even the book u sed u'd get me...... now dont try and act like u remembered u just forgot cos of watevr (see? that is the intellectual standard of my friends.... they hypnotize me to click pictures with camera pointing the wrong way)... ne more delay n u will be put in the same category as hrd minister (my fav punchin bag these days...)

ok im too lazy to think of nething dat makes sense. waaaaaaaaay too lazy, tho i just noticed im nt so lazy when it comes to extending words beyond their sensical boundary in order to emphasize upon em... guess its time for me to give my aching fingers some rest, n time fr u to rest that brain f urs which must hv been screamin at u for makin it go thru all this... but if u HAD a brain, u wudnt hv bin wastin ur time readin this in the first place.... so now since its proved ur a no-brainer, how about readin this post again... and again... till time runs out, and we reach the other side of infinity.... :P i pity u

this just goes to show wat 4 yrs wid manohar and agastya can do to an average girl's sense of humour...

till we meet again...


Saturday, April 08, 2006

just in.... govt plannin 2 reserve 50% of seats in colleges like iit, iim n lotsa du colleges.... wonder where we r heading to... its newez tough, what wid ppl gtn a 90% failin to gt admissions in reputed colleges. guess if the govt goes ahead wid their plans, we'd all either hv 2 convert to sc/st/obc, or plainly luk outside india fr gud colleges given the fact that colleges like iits n iims might nt be wat they r at d moment... quite inevitable if they have 2 choose 45 percenters ovr 90 percenters... so much for the government's "strives fr excellence" in the field of education. hrd minister put the blame on manmohan singh, which if it is true is such a shame, as he is awez perceived 2 be sum1 above petty vote bank politics of caste, creed and colour. nice way of screwin ur image up in the eyes of youth tho... nice way of maskin ovr ur incapabilities to provide the backward classes a fair chance at education... n then bypassin them into a stream wich they might nt be able to handle... this is for those who solely depend on quotas etc n nt those meritorious students who exist in every strata of society. on the risk of soundin deranged/hypersensitive n far-fetched, this can lead to a serious employment problem later, with the degree holders being well incapable and thus ineffective, and the worthy candidates who were denied f their rights doing nothin bt resentin the government and maybe the scs n sts too. cuttin back to present, this issue might pose a serious threat to the autonomous and impartial nature of these deemed universities.... and until and unless the govt doesnt wnt outraged youth turnin against em, well maybe jus keep this decision on the backnurner n do wat would actually benefit the people of these categories... ensure they get a decent if nt d best education in schools, n leave the task f judging who deserves to be a part of d creme de la creme of indias colleges to the admn of these colleges only. is arjun singh listenin?

Friday, March 10, 2006


so.......... all da ppl who wrote sourav ganguly's career obituaries...... just in: theres gonna be a committee dtas gonna select da selectors...... n it has srikanth, sidhu, vengsarkar, dravid, sachin and sourav chandidas ganguly..... hmm.... wonder wat kiran more's thinkin???? :S. btw here's wat pawar said abt ganguly... courtesy msn. (link-

Pawar says Ganguly's future is not over
Image Source:
Mohali, Mar 8: The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) Sharad Pawar indicated that it was not the end of the road for the former skipper Sourav Ganguly.

"If someone says that
Ganguly's future is over, I am not going to believe him. He is such a good player. I have never said he should retire", Pawar said here before the start of the second Test match between Indian and England.
"He is a senior cricketer and the decision to retire is the prerogative of the player. He has every right to show his mettle. The decision to drop him was taken by the selectors and they made the decision keeping the best interests of the team in mind he can always make a comeback", he added.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

ok... i got this as a forwarded msg around 2 yrs back first. then i got this again today. some of u must hv read this, bt neways here it goes:

The famous race of the Rabbit and the Tortoise PART II

Once upon a time a tortoise and a hare had an argument about who was faster. They decided to settle the argument with a race. They agreed on a route and started off the race. The hare shot ahead and ran briskly for some time. Then seeing that he was far ahead of the tortoise, he thought he'd sit under a tree for some time and relax before continuing the race. He sat under the tree and soon fell asleep. The tortoise plodding on overtook him and soon finished the race, emerging as the undisputed champ. The hare woke up and realized that he'd lost the race. The moral- "Slow and steady wins the race. This is the version of the
story that we've all grown up with."


There are few more interesting continues as follows...... The hare was disappointed at losing the race and he did some soul-searching. He realized that he'd lost the race only because he had been overconfident, careless and lax. If he had not taken things for granted, there's no way the tortoise could have beaten him. So he challenged the tortoise to another race. The tortoise agreed. This time, the hare went all out and ran without stopping from start to finish. He won by several miles. The moral - " Fast and consistent will always beat the slow and steady.
It's good to be slow and steady; but it's better to be fast and reliable."


The tortoise did some thinking this time, and realized that there's no way it can beat the hare in a race the way it was currently formatted. It thought for a while, and then challenged the hare to another race, but on a slightly different route. The hare agreed. They started off. In keeping with his self-made commitment to be consistently fast, the hare took off and ran at top speed until he came to a broad river. The finishing line was a couple of kilometres on the other side of the river. The hare sat there wondering what to do. In the meantime the tortoise trundled along, got into the river, swam to the opposite bank, continued walking and finished the race. The moral - "First identify your core competency and then change the playing field to suit your core competency."


The hare and the tortoise, by this time, had become pretty good friends and they did some thinking together. Both realized that the last race could have been run much better. So they decided to do the last race again, but to run as a team this time. They started off, and this time the hare carried the tortoise till the riverbank. There, the tortoise took over and swam across with the hare on his back. On the opposite bank, the hare again carried the tortoise and they reached the finishing line together. They both felt a greater sense of satisfaction than they'd felt earlier.
The moral - "It's good to be individually brilliant and to have strong core competencies; but unless you're able to work in a team and harness each other's core competencies, you'll always perform below par because there will always be situations at which you'll do poorly and someone else does well. Teamwork is mainly about situational leadership, letting the person with the relevant core competency for a situation take leadership. Note that neither the hare nor the tortoise gave up after failures. The hare decided to work harder and put in more effort after his failure. The tortoise changed his strategy because he was already working as hard as he could." In life, when faced with failure, sometimes it is appropriate to work harder and put in more effort. Sometimes it is appropriate to change strategy and try something different. And sometimes it is appropriate to do both. The hare and the tortoise also learnt another vital lesson. When we stop competing against a rival and instead start competing against the situation, we perform far better.
To sum up- the story of the hare and tortoise has much to say: Chief among them are that fast and consistent will always beat slow and steady;work to your competencies; pooling resources and working as a team will always beat individual performers; never give up when faced with failure; & finally, compete against the situation - not against a rival.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

hmmmmmmmm............ im nt really the blogging kinds, bt since i HAD to cmnt on sitas blog (to clarify lotsa things) n u cant do dat widout creatin ur own blog, hence this page full on non-sensical weird stuff came into existence. so ull hv 2 sue fr being bored to insanity. torturing u ppl out der who're readin this cos u cant cmnt widout ownin a blog on this site. business tactics i assume. dont really hv nething 2 say. ok so im 17 yrs old, live in del, m doin phy chem maths wid bio (why? cos as sum1 very rightly sed main paagal hoon). nt as boring as u think if u dont kno me n r readin this. ok im nt gtn newhere, so fine even ill tlk abt imp ppl in my life, as sita did, in scrambled order.
  1. rahul dravid: i think hes d best, wat wid 8003 runs in tests, which nclude 5 dbl centuries!!! (i cn go on n on bt then ull gt even more bored so watevr)
  2. my mom, dad, n m sis: cant even think of livin widout em.
  3. nilovna chatterjee : this gurl is da bomb! we met in class 9, n still r really good frnds, even tho she lives in kochi. had rockin times in class 10. rmbr how munni n agggy gt bullied by class 3 girls? miss u loads
  4. jacob: nillus best frnd. amazin guy. really sweet, had lods of fun tlkin 2 u, esp abt nilvonas escapades wid manohar n agastya.
  5. varun gulati: cant gt sweeter than that! an amazin frnd, lil crazy bt really cool n sporting. takes all dat teasin in his stride. very hard wrkin, i wont be surprised if hes still gng n playin snake so dat 1 elusive day hell beat sakshi! o yeah btw hes deeeeeeeply comitted to watevr he does-nt 2 mention d fact dat hes crazy abt u kno who! ;)
  6. saakshita prabhakar: freaky!!!!!!!! bonded almost instantaenoeusly wen we met. had awsm times together. rmbr class 9 camp n d makdis, n agra trip n god der r loads n loads of memories we share! luv u loads!!!!
  7. abha: dunno if ull evr read dis, but hmmm dis girl is oh-so-awsm. u shud seriously change ur name 2 abba! had such fun wid u esp wen H is around!
  8. praneeta vir: meow! lol. shes d ultimate hot chick. had lotsa fun together, "there was.. a girl.... " all d way frm ccd to skool!!
  9. apurv: sutta! dunno if ull ever read dis either, bt neways dis guy is crazy! baggy pants n a killer atitude! can be real weird at times bt yeah a nice guy.
  10. sita priya venkat krishnan krishna moorthi aiyar: loooooong name n an even longer list of the rockin times weve had tgthr. had 2 mention ur name cos usse pehle apoorv .... nt d same guy bt yeah same name. kewl!
  11. shuchi: the stabilizing force in our gang! dis gal is awsm. mite think shes a nerd wat wid groomin batch n all, trust me shes one cool cat, wid loads n loads of brains!
  12. anisha mathur: my best frnd friendly wash!!!!!! had such fun tgthr! rahul dravid, scorpions n kaankhajooras in our tents n evrything! luv u n ur dogs!
  13. puroitree majumdar: well well well wat do i say... hv loads in common n dats nt just hutch, raghav sachar, parthiv! hv soooooooo many moments to rmbr, not al to b cherishd frevr bt neways.... dont forgt JS!!!!
  14. sakshi: 1 cool gal, petite, smart, n helluva fun 2 b wid!!!! heard me very patiently wen i tlkd abt well... stuff. u rock!
  15. pavee: banta guy! can b really pssng off bt can be loads of fun too. had loads of fun wid u around!
  16. sonali mittra: ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? phew!!! n i thot i ws d most annoyin person! kiddin. shes shooo sweet. thnx fr evrything uve done! luv u
  17. himanshu: sweet guy, think he ws d first person i tlkd 2 wen i joined fiitjee. btw u n varun still hvnt danced tgthr!
  18. rishma: marchin ahead to stardom! ok dat duznt make sense bt newez thnx lots fr lissenin. hope spring comes soon!
  19. pranav babbar: too short to hv a middle name! hd interesting online convos. keep in touch.
  20. simran: frnch toast! v hard wrkin. i want a cmnt frm u. chal apna blog bana!
  21. agastya: dis guy(?) or watevr robot wants me 2 die at 34!! really sweet (NOT!!!) had loads of fun buggin u. best f luck fr MIT (maharashtra inst of tech)
  22. manohar: munnibai btech. man class 10 wudve bin so boring widout u in my section! thnx a lot fr d stupid iit song. ill miss u guys like hell man!
  23. pranay jain: best f luck fr iit. hmm. praneeta thinks ur sweet, bt i dunno. dis guy/broomstick/matchstick can be really weird, can piss d hell outta u too, bt yeah nice guy. can get really embarassing at times. can be really sweet at times too. nt we on the tennis court tho!
  24. harshyaa makhija: talk abt being focussed! we both hv borne d brunt of ms. krishnans endless taunts!! chill out... lifes good. luv u lots!

sooooooo, i think ive cvrd evry1 n im really realllly sory if ive missed out on ne1. now i want comments esp from simran sadana, varun gulati and nilovna chatterjee! have fun! :P

love u all.