Wednesday, November 08, 2006

BITS and pieces

well... figured ill put something up abt ma college life. so ok heres the first installment.


well, trust me this isnt as easy as it seems. u have to have some qualifications to be one, even th in ma case i was (s)elected unopposed. so heres what u gotta have.

1. A zeal for working for your brethren/the eqvlnt word fr sisters: which basically means u shud hv a peanut sized brain.

2. good time management skills: that is u shud be vella/velli enuf to go attend all d meetings, that discuss important issues. like in my case how various clubs shud be formed, how various clubs shud function, what all events shud happen etc etc. and its not like we jus discuss. we also end up finalizing lotsa stuff. like wat we'll discuss in the next meeting.

3. good stamina: as u wud be runnin arnd quite a lot. insti to hostel to insti again. n then at 1 pm (dats d curfew time) back to common room and get people to work on the ideas u discussed. and try not wearin a bright red tshirt sayin "im not tired yet" on such days. personal experience.

4. ability to go deaf/immunity to high decibel sounds thru your cellphone: well it is most likely that youll be sloggin ur ass off... and being a good samaritan and tellin ppl that somehow the tshirts that were ordered are all messed up in size; when this happens. but things do get pretty ok later on so...

5. a good handwriting: especially if ur writin fast, which u most probably will be when ull make notices at 12 o clock at night when ur anyway rushin off to meet one of the top 4 big bosses.

6. good calculation skills/a big wallet: when ur collecting money for t shirts. trust me it is very easy to get confused... even for a calculator which shows that uve got money for 3 more tshirts than what u think. and u need a big wallet/moneybag to keep all those notes that translate into a 5 digit number when together..

7. parrotlike ability to repeat: when you have to repeat the dimensions of 5 sizes of tshirts 10 times per corridor, youll really need this.

8. readiness to bunk classes: as when you get to sleep at 2 am there is no way you can wake up in time. well anyway, not like you mind...

9. agreeability to extra birthday bumps: cos at least u have the consolation that whatever happened was with your consent. even if u dont agree ud neway get em. and not just by your own hostel mates.

10. warm hospitality: when some concerned citizens of your hostel come knockin at your door just when u r about to go to sleep/ have just come back after a shower/cleaning your room; it is the duty of a responsible cul rep to answer all her/his queries and satisfy the person. and u shud be delighted to tell the people that the notices have already been put up. so in case they havent memorized your answers in these 5 or 6 times theyve asked they can always refer to the noticeboard. yeah that and it shud be fine with you ti tell them to write their names on the list instead of knockin at ur door at 1 am.

11. conformance to santa-clausing: ud be goin jungle bells jungle bells (get it? nudge nudge, wink wink) all the way while distributing the tshirts that have finally come into existence to everyone in the hostel.

well i guess uve got the basic idea about the qualifications you need to be a cultural representative of a hostel in bits pilani goa campus. but all said and done, its kinda fun too. u get to meet new people, exchange ideas, be a part of the process that will shape the college's constitution and thus its future. but then again rules can be changed the next year, the way ur changin em this yr... well, all in all.. its a good experience. and with this guide iam sure that u will not be helped in any way. ok the conclusion is gettin reli long.

in case uve survived this, cya soon!



Anonymous said...

To say this is all really true

Anonymous said...

ok as 1 of ur fellow cul reps i cannot but agree to the truth completely true
but yes also write abt how futile abt our meetings are when some useless guys ( srsly good fr nothing ) overrule all our descisions completely . btw nice posts :)

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i am what i am said...

hehe you fit the bill for a cultural rep absolutely perfectly! Specially with the penut sized brain (heeheeeheee)

arpit said...

well pranshu i really don agree wid u..its true dat we have got such a long break after sum time but if u can devote 1 hour in a day for sumthin constructive, sumthing which is of ur interest sumthin which can help u in ur career later..i don mind dat..u still got 23 hours a day to chill add on dis u got to meet sum new people which can becum ur gud frend it was in my case...n deres no po9int in wastin all ur time at home...go out.. make sum new frends...n apart from studies dere are lot of course dat might appeal u ..but the point is if u r really interested...n leavin the course in between is mainly due to wrong choice of course ..before joinin any course u must have prior knowledge of it of ur choice or not..well dats my point of view abt dat...