Tuesday, July 24, 2007

killing voldemort...

Hmm.. So HP7s out, and 'voldy's gone moldy' (quoting Peeves). Things would have been a lot easier (and fun) for Harry and co if they would've just done one of the following, at least according to Delhi Times, 24th july '07.


1. Put him on a blind date with Dolores Umbridge
2. Send him a howler, which when opened yells out 'avada kedavra'
3. Place a cardboard cut-out of Dumbledore next to his bed while he's sleeping so that it's the first thing he sees when he awakens.
4. Send him on the Oprah show where he dies while hearing a three-hour lecture about his attitude towards people.

I think the first method would've been the best... though Oprah's not that bad a bet either... Watsay muggles???

ps my shortest post ever :D

Thursday, July 12, 2007

holidays-the big fat controversy...

19 days till im back in campus. major chunk of holidays over. done nothing of note. well, apart from gettin a drivers licence that is. been chiiling at home, eating sleeping coming-online etc etc.. and occasionally meeting up with friends. quite a lot of people i've been in touch with have joined some course or the other.

my question is, if ur attending classes even in ur holidays, then well... what exactly is the point of calling this chunk of days called 'holidays' by a special name ie 'holidays' (er... guess u got the point)

i mean, think about it. people in my batch who haven't dropped a year...class 11 summer vacations (when 10th results came, 2004) we had joined some or the other coaching institute. class 12 summers we spent attending their classes. 2006 summers we were taking the exams for which we wasted the last two summer vacations. these are the first 'real' summer holidays we've got. and people still have to join some course or the other. worse for people who've dropped a year. i mean theyve been through this for one summer vacation more than freshers. sheesh..

so this makes me think... have we forgotten how to chill out?? do we HAVE to be doing something or the other even when we are officially 'on holiday'? why cant we just relax, hang out with friends, read a book (or an ebook), or if nothing then just shut up and sleep... catch up on whatever u've lost on in college... or blog and read blogs...

people talk about 'utilization' of time... well, 2 of the people i knew who were learning java are just too bored.. they left it.. well, almost. then there are people who've taken up jobs. and hence are not free to go meet up with friends...

so yeah... i guess u do learn something... but its holidays!!!

o well, too many people online now... if u were not musically inclined u'd think the 'ding's are a part of a jingle... er.... if i were u, i wouldve ignored myself out there.. as in not the new myself, but the myself that wrote tht sentence ie the true me as i cant be u and u cant be me.. (ignore this also plz) gotta go...

peace out.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

an amateur's lament

ok.. so here is what i did one night to while away time. please excuse the messed up rhyming scheme, extra long lines, and words that sound childish in the setup, and everything that is amateur-ish about this..

may our souls rest in peace

we talk, we laugh, with perfect grace
whatever the situation, a perfect face
the face that betrays nothing but the truth
hiding the hollow, beneath the perfect suits

we talk of big things, we boast and pledge
the hollow inside us impersonating knowledge
for forever, a part of the rat race
the hollow taking the soul's place

for we'll talk about those dying
not because we genuinely care,
but that is what the others are doing
we get to be done with our share

for we'll all wear those livestrong bands
for we'll swear by gore and live earth concert
cancer patients and polar bears
the means of upping the hollow's worth

for that soul we were born with always has to abide
with the hollow that supports the winning side
it used to be rock, but now its punk
in tune with the latest definition of funk

for we do not do what we believe in
the hollow constantly doing the talking
its eating away like it were a disease;
may our souls rest in peace.