Tuesday, July 24, 2007

killing voldemort...

Hmm.. So HP7s out, and 'voldy's gone moldy' (quoting Peeves). Things would have been a lot easier (and fun) for Harry and co if they would've just done one of the following, at least according to Delhi Times, 24th july '07.


1. Put him on a blind date with Dolores Umbridge
2. Send him a howler, which when opened yells out 'avada kedavra'
3. Place a cardboard cut-out of Dumbledore next to his bed while he's sleeping so that it's the first thing he sees when he awakens.
4. Send him on the Oprah show where he dies while hearing a three-hour lecture about his attitude towards people.

I think the first method would've been the best... though Oprah's not that bad a bet either... Watsay muggles???

ps my shortest post ever :D


kniOledge ( Oink ) said...

btw hows this one :
Harry has the power of love that voldy has none, so harry proposes to voldy, n thus voldy kills himself :D

Gizmo a.k.a Vidya :) :P said...

lol! btw ,all the howler needs is expelliarmus, not avada kedavra!! :)

DD said...

Alternate ending :

as harry wondered how to kill nagini
he could hear a faint sound humming in the sky....umbridge could be seen far away , her pink dress twinkling among the stars and her broom racing...
as harry's heartbeat's pace quickened...the pain in his scar burst open

voldemort had come beside him..and now was standing face to face with him
umbridge landed and got off the broom ...hem hem...the annoying sound indicated her presence
it happened in moments, harry who was now lying on the floor withering in pain could see voldemort looking directly at umbridge
his red eyes gazed at her small little face
umbridge returned the look in same earnest and he could see her features sharpening and her cheeks turning red..
after what seemed an hour, voldemort hissed to his snake ' bring some champagne nagini'
umbridge could no longer resist...

..she came ahead, her face still resembling the old hag he had met years ago on hogwarts express...and said...you are so cute voldy!

me, as i am said...

@ yogesh (oink)- thanks :) hmm... u cud take over frm dumbledore...

vidya - hmm.. point... but he might pick his wand up no... o.O

dhruv (dd) - sir, u toh are a genius... incomparable.. lol but thanks all the same :)

nimit said...

Well how abt locking voldy with our bull dog , our distinguished potions master uhh huh huh huh(culturals ), our old bosses ( with whom we had many scintillating convos).... (all of them related to BITS if you haven't noticed )

2. make him sit through the full directors speech and not letting him sleep

3. letting him hear PJ's for 24 hours ( Purnoor jokes )

4. Making him spend 1 night in GH1

well rest will be too harsh on him