Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Catching up...

Haven't blogged since quite some time. This isn't exactly the best time either.. just about a week before test 1. But then, does anything about me make sense :P.. (you'd know if you know me/have been reading my blog/believe what my sister tells people about me.)

Well, college opened and me and my friends found our campus (over)-crowded with juniors. But yeah, you kinda get used to seeing the mess filled with tables (and people at meal-times, OB!), LTs all full, monginis and nescafe all taken over by this swarm. Wonder what our seniors thought when we came in. But its good to have 'em around. "Guide" people as to what really they should be doing in workshop practicals/partners/G-n-the-rest, what really they should (more like should not) be attending etc etc etc. :D

And under our able(!) guidance, I'm sure theyll do well. Definition of 'well' depends on the guide (10 ptr/non 10 ptr), the bakra/bakri (probable 10 ptr or not), the context and situations, and mostly the quality of coffee (at monginis/mess/nescafe) that influences the conversation deeply.

What else? Well, we found a kitten, had it for around 28 hours, and then gave it away. Its funny sometimes. You want to help someone/something out, and you don't really know how to go about it. This kitten, a friend of mine found it somewhere. Should she have picked it up (that she did), or left it with all those dogs around.. Should we have left it at night, hoping its mother would eventually find it, or kept it in, kept it safe for the moment not knowing what to do next. Should we have listened to a lot of people who thought we'll end up killing the cat and we should have not bothered only... It gets kinda complicated at times, when you are not crystal clear about your plan, and people try thrusting their opinions on you, misinterpret your intentions.

Well, we eventually sent it to an animal shelter, PFA Goa. Hope we made the right decision.

Haven't studied for test 1. Going to have an amazing time i guess. O yeah.. German rocks!! Deutsche lernen macht spaƟ! One interesting thing this sem...

Well, more later. As they say in Germany, Gute Nacht!

for more information on rehabilitation of strays and related topics, contact PFA, Shantinagar (Goa) on 0832 2532514.

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prashasti said...

tell u wat sissy (pun intended)... u shud try writing songs...maybe ull " catch up " wid soad (system....down)....haha...geddit??
soad = weird nonsensical lyrics = ur blogs...hahahahahaha..vel i tink its funny....;);)