Thursday, October 22, 2009

Check this out

Saw this blog, made by a friend. If you're not in Goa, spread awareness. Do your bit.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Diwali eve 2009

Deal with five-digit number of files from 9 30 to 5 30. Get a sore throat in the night spent battling with cockroaches. Freeze in the super-cool office. Rush through breakfast and lunch. Comment out little and big pieces of code to make it run in the available memory, in 21st century. Hunt around desperately for a Motorola charger for a phone that doesn't charge when hooked up to a comp. Not wish a friend on her birthday. Note her number down on the same page as a self-devised algorithm. Chat with mom, instead of talk.

Not realize its 'Chhoti Diwali' until a teammate wishes you while he's leaving office.

Waiting for a miracle :)

Happy Diwali!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So, I just joined Twitter. And well, I was a little bored in office today. This, the thing that was not supposed to take a lot of my time, took a lot of my time.

Anyhoo, here I'd like to thank boo for getting me started, and also supplying me the tools with which I could make this on a photoshop devoid comp (without of course actually making the profiles these pics mention.)

And Dhruv D for the idea behind the Dolly-Tom coupling :) (check here to get to know what I'm saying)

And I'd also like to opportunity to virtual-yell at boo for letting me go on with this. Sheesh!!! :|

Oh well, I'd also like to thank mozilla and firebug. You're the best <3 Yeah and paint too.

I suppose I should probably thank JK Rowling too here. All the characters mentioned (Except Chuck Norris and Rajnikanth) are created by her, so banta hai.

Like I said, it took me a lot of time, so you better appreciate it. Else I'll get Voldie to write avada kevadra as a reply to you on twitter. (Yes I'm exhausted.)