Wednesday, August 20, 2008

randomness prevails

How I Met Your Mother (and a friend) once taught me that nothing good can happen after 2 am. Its 2: 21 now. Long day. And yup, when its past 2 you end up saying things you won't otherwise. Or putting up random posts either.

Why am I up? I don't have classes till like 12 noon tomorrow. Ever wondered that for one instant we invented the word noon? I mean, a little past 12:00:00... and its pm, while the left hand side of the limit is all am.

Why am I blogging? I'm not so sure. Blues have got me all blue-ie. Like ONE time I'd admit I write stuff I won't ever put up on a blog, or that I could sing once upon a time, or that I'm actually one of the royals of Monaco.

Does this post make any sense? It logically does. Mathematical logic.

Randomly generated post ends here now.