Wednesday, August 20, 2008

randomness prevails

How I Met Your Mother (and a friend) once taught me that nothing good can happen after 2 am. Its 2: 21 now. Long day. And yup, when its past 2 you end up saying things you won't otherwise. Or putting up random posts either.

Why am I up? I don't have classes till like 12 noon tomorrow. Ever wondered that for one instant we invented the word noon? I mean, a little past 12:00:00... and its pm, while the left hand side of the limit is all am.

Why am I blogging? I'm not so sure. Blues have got me all blue-ie. Like ONE time I'd admit I write stuff I won't ever put up on a blog, or that I could sing once upon a time, or that I'm actually one of the royals of Monaco.

Does this post make any sense? It logically does. Mathematical logic.

Randomly generated post ends here now.


Anonymous said...

its so pranshu of u to write this post

P.S. : randomness prevails

RaSh said...

The only good thing that might happen after 2 is that you'll get good internet speed. That's kinda it. :|

Good to see a post. :P

Angad said...

A for acchi net speed
B for buri net speed
C for cool net speed
D for dude net speed
E for echo net speed
F for foxtrot net speed
G for golf net speed
H for hotel net speed
I for India net speed
J for Juliet net speed
K for Kilo net speed
L for lima net speed
M for mike net speed
N for November net speed
O for Oscar net speed
P for Papa net speed
Q for Quebec net speed
R for Romeo net speed
S for Seirra net speed
T for Tango net speed
U for Uniform net speed
V for Victor net speed
W for Wiskey net speed
X for Xray net speed
Y for Yankee net speed
Z for Zulu net speed

PS: did i miss any letter?

PPS: its 2:30AM

me, as i am said...

@angad... yep... that pretty much proves the point i made abt randomness...

abhinand said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
abhinand said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
abhinand said...

wierdness really prevails


pps = ps2

Abhishek Kumar said...

curious to know what comments u deleted from here.. :P

me, as i am said...

arre i dint delete nethn.. it said deleted by 'author'. matlab jisne comment kiya usne delete kare.. im guessing nandu only. he kept improvizing and got lucky the third time. :P

Angad said...

he just wrote 3 lines! LOL nandu

abhinand said...

no, 4

now 5

now 6

now 7

: : :