Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Usual Post-Terrorist-Attack Terrorist Bashing

The title says it all. Probably not the first and won't be the last, going by the way the government's approaching the issue, with the Home Minister more intent on clarifying all's well between the Centre and the State govt than send out a strong and stern warning to terrorists.

Two cities bombed on two consecutive days. We just don't learn, do we? President Bush had minced no words after 9-11 attacks. India, on the other hand, is a softie. Actually no. Our leaders would much rather use POTA to chuck their political rivals into jails, thus trivializing the law that at least offered some control over the menace. Then the Central government changes, and thus all the laws implemented by the previous one have to be changed too. So no more special laws against terrorism, while the ineffective implementation of the existing laws remains just that, ineffective.

Result? 9 blasts in Bangalore on 25th, then 17 in Ahmedabad the very next day. You don't need me to list out the other places that have been the victims of terrorism in the recent past. All the news-channels are screaming out words like Jaipur, Malegaon etc repeatedly.

Would this ever end? The UPA has had enough troubles. Inflation, trust-vote, and now these blasts. They really do not have too much time before the elections to get the people's trust back.

I do hope this is it. No more pointless bloodshed. Pretty disgusting, blowing hospitals up right when the blast victims were being brought in. Makes me wonder, who exactly is the terror-perpetrators' 'Jihad' for?


RaSh said...

I fail to understand what these politicians want to do? Someone attacks a country, the news shows a minister stating, "I would like to condemn this act of violence".

Yeah rite. The terrorists sure got scared and hid under the bed. Thank you Super-politician! :|

And now they are making a serial on Sonia Gandhi. Wow. :|

Angad said...

sad state of thing

smilingassassin said...

nice thot! and rahul i do agree with u.. as if we hail the attacks... :P but i guess they r expected to be politically correct and not let out anything out unless they r confirmed abt it! hehe

me, as i am said...

@rash: NOTHING in the press conference called by Home Minister, Shivraj Patil said assured the public that the terrorists would be dealt with severely. All he focussed on was that the Centre and State would not blame each other and blah blah, learning their lessons from the previous day's explosions. Like HOW cheap can we get.

@smilingassassin: Well, being politically correct doesnt mean you dont offer courage and a morale boost to a country that needs it. More than telling em that all's fine between the State and Centre, he couldv'e at least said something that wouldve told everyone India's taking a stance against terror etc.

(and this is junior rash, rasagy, nt sharma :) )

ratpik said... really can't blame anyone for the blasts. The ones who place the bomb do it 'coz they either need the money or their families are held ransom or they are brainwashed since small...problem boils down to poverty,desire and illiteracy and finally we the people, who never really care about where the money we spend on those hyper priced goods or those pirated dvd's or the beggars actually goes to......anyways this surely doesn't seem to be the last blast for this :P

nimit said...

The point is we need to work on a few fronts:
1. Make a dedicated anti terror unit ...separate from cbi , local police, raw ...just to combat terror.
2. Increase the capability of our intelligence forces... take then out of hands of babus.
3. prevent jehadis from catching young. We saw what makes them do that ...but think about what if you were fed a propaganda right from the time you were a small kid ... would be in a position to distinguish then ?


Well I believe that removing the POTA was a big mistake. Terrorists never were so fearless during the times of POTA

rasputin said...
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rasputin said...

Well, reading the above discussion, I feel we are missing the point.
1. No bloodshed is for NO reason. Let's say that the reasons are not very clear to most of the people, like us.
2. IT IS BUSSINESS, no religion, or no 'jehad' is the root cause. People with such mindsets are just used as pawns.

I suggest you all to watch a documentary called american zeitgeist. It links bussiness, politics and terrorism in unprecedented manner, and I am certain that it will show you a way to think in a totally different direction.