Sunday, July 08, 2007

an amateur's lament

ok.. so here is what i did one night to while away time. please excuse the messed up rhyming scheme, extra long lines, and words that sound childish in the setup, and everything that is amateur-ish about this..

may our souls rest in peace

we talk, we laugh, with perfect grace
whatever the situation, a perfect face
the face that betrays nothing but the truth
hiding the hollow, beneath the perfect suits

we talk of big things, we boast and pledge
the hollow inside us impersonating knowledge
for forever, a part of the rat race
the hollow taking the soul's place

for we'll talk about those dying
not because we genuinely care,
but that is what the others are doing
we get to be done with our share

for we'll all wear those livestrong bands
for we'll swear by gore and live earth concert
cancer patients and polar bears
the means of upping the hollow's worth

for that soul we were born with always has to abide
with the hollow that supports the winning side
it used to be rock, but now its punk
in tune with the latest definition of funk

for we do not do what we believe in
the hollow constantly doing the talking
its eating away like it were a disease;
may our souls rest in peace.


rishabh said...

stumbled here from Shuchi's blog.

I totally agree, today's world has become a hypocrite's haven. Its so hard to find any transparency or honesty anywhere because everyone seems to be having their own vested interests.

nimit said...

gr8 poem ..... very true ..... expecting more of such stuff from you

guru said...

cant say i totally agree...but then wat u think is a result of wat uve xperienced...good poem, always feel its the better way to xpress urself...

abhinand said...

sadly, too true.. but there is hope nonetheless as revealed by thoughts like these, great poem

Gizmo a.k.a Vidya :) :P said...

cool poem!