Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I lou my glasses :)

I had broken my glasses last night,
The screw fell out, went out of sight.
My spects were then no more one-pieced,
My vision blurred, trouble increased.

I couldn't recognize people 3 feet away from me
I couldn't tell a P from an R, or a D!
I was asked to count fingers again and again
That whole exercise really was a pain.

The tune in my head was a strange medley
Of 'What's going on' and 'Everything's so blurry'.
Internet and PC-time was antagonizing
As my anti-glare lenses were missing.

Then today, I thought I'll get them repaired
Even when the rain was playing truant and unfair.
I didn't give up, got wet in the process though.
Pakdofyd a Bakra to accompany me to Vasco.

The opticians were really sweet and nice,
They put in a new screw for no price.
The two pieces were then reunited,
Glasses back to business, I was delighted!

The tune in my head aint a medley anymore,
"I can see clearly now", as Marley had sung before.
I can recognize people, and attend classes,
I lou my awesome -wait for it- glasses!



Agastya said...

interesting how losing your glasses makes you lose your senses

Anonymous said...

"The screw fell out, went out of sight."...maybe this has something to do with the large hadron collider experiment. ;)

Pushkar said...

are you sure the screw just fell out of your glasses??

Eeshan said...

I second pushkar's question.

Onkar said...

"Now thats what I call screwed glasses!!"

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

lol comments. plz confirm pranshu...

nice poem reminds me of Ogden Nash's poem on barber [i forget the name of it]

abhinand said...

\m/ :D

my daughter is a poetess :')

(no, it has nothing to do with the lhc, screw you doomsdayers!)

me, as i am said...


mere dimag ka screw 5th nov 1988 ko hi nikal gaya tha :P

and im so happy my daddie is proud! :')


abhinand said...

the nurse was hysterical, she thought u might not turn out right, imagine!

well, guess she should take a look and see for herself, haan :)

ratpik said...

Its not the LHC..It's the aftershock of September 11,2001. It's just that it took you 7 years to react :P

Prashant said...

LOL!!! My little parrot has mad me proud :P..Although reading this might be a cause for great mental trauma to some, lukhas like myself would find this to be deeply fascinating and inSIGHTful :D

Anonymous said...

u managed to get ur glasses in one wat abt ur screw??!!!

Sandeep said...

hehehe!! Funny that u write a poem on ur glasses...reminds me of "this is goin to hurt a little bit".i double nandu's comment( not the daughter part ) :P...

me, as i am said...

@ 'anonymous' : abbe kahaa naa! i lost mine the day i was born :P n wats the pt gng anonymous wen i knw who u r..?!?! @ bhopali and sireesha.

nimit said...

Nice poem.... good to see how you made an event like falling off a screw into a humorous adventure.

good 1!

rohitdesa said...

yaar...ab main kya bolu? this prawn-soup always seems to have ocular problems! be it dragging guru to panjim, or now, going to vasco with some bakra - she seems to be offloading her probs onto others.....(way to go!) :-P

Angad Singh Gill said...

LOL! sexy poem..
btw maine usi din padh li thi bas comment nahi kiya.. best comments are better posted last.
interesting comments i must say. you really have a knack of getting people to comment on your blog. a very persistent one.
1) I particularly like pushkar's comment. I wonder the same most of the time.
2) chaitu goes for a haircut to a dentist. he has clearly mistaken them atleast once.
3) nandu clearly doesnt like ppl calling the collider names. try for starters
4) till 2 mins back pranshu was bribing me with a kitkat to write a comment.
5) now she is also suggesting what i can write. right now she suggested that i write about punter who hasnt yet commented, punter please take note of this.
6) she also wants me to comment on the anonymous commentees:
a)anonymous#1 dont be ridiculous.
b)anonymous#2 dont be lame
c) only two anonymous?? i was getting in the mood of using more adjectives. che
7) the poem:
a)nice attempt at rhymes AA BB CC types rhyming is nice.
b)blurry is one of my fav
c)who was the bakra?
d)the way you thoughts in the poem seamlessly flow in between paragraphs is interesting and makes up for a totally useless content.
All in all well written. (Johnny) BRAVO!


me, as i am said...

LOL! sab jhooth hai @ gill... i never promised u a kitkat or nethn. kitkat tab milti hai wen u have a break. :P

bakra was pankaj... poor thing :P

and just cuz u wanna take ppl's case, u dnt hafta put my name in.. anonymous 1 and 2 etc etc...


xenon said...

hmmm..well i was the bakra so the comment was due!
@gill she has been bugging me too to write a comment and i toh wasnt offered nething in return! :P

"her being screwless from brain" has been posted by too many people, so will just skip that..!

so..nice post and thanks for putting me into such a useless and ludicrous creation! :P :)

Dark_Gal said...

nice one there!

visited your blog for the first time!

Keep writing and do check mine!

Mayank Mohta said...

hey...nice post and a great blog. i "loued" the doggie post. (It took me some time to figure out what lou meant :P)....keep posting.

ratpik said...

How come you here monk? :P

me, as i am said...

hey mayank! "loued" is loved being said with the mouth turning into an O before it reaches the V.. :P

thanks for the comment, and do keep reading (and commenting! :P) :D

sirtifyd jeeniuses said...

looooooooooooooooool....way to go girl!!!altho the poem!! brains fallen out n it tryin to shoot itself!!! comments....hes actually discussin the rhyme scheme!!!!!!!!!!

sirtifyd jeeniuses said...


Agent047 said...


Abhinav said...

i disagree with gill.u dnt hve the knack of getting ppl to comment on ur poems..u force thm to!as fr the poem..well ..screw certaily fell from sumwhr else..pranshu din notice it well..n i had never thought ki chasme pe itna discussion ho sakta hai!! betr thngs thn read this girl's poems!!

regulus said...

Hey.... u forgot to thank me in the poem.... remember u used my umbrella to go the nice optician....

me, as i am said...

hehe... @ regulus (jayasree) - a very very big and warm and smiley and cheery THANGOO!!!! :D

Prachi Bansal said...

hehehhe...very nice poem..
and i can totally relate to the "blurry eyesight" part...
i used to keep 2 extra pairs of specs before i got my contact lenses..

rashanality said...

LOL.. excellent flow of thoughts into words.. straightforward and funny.. :)

rashanality said...

omg! jst read all the rest of the comments.. my comment looks like a grandad in this whole list.. please ignore it for this new one --> "hohoho..lolest poem..way to go gal!"

Leanne said...

Well said.

abhinand said...

lol @ rahul's comment :P

Abhishek Kumar said...

What do I get for this comment? :P

Full Of Life said...

Lou the poem. I firmly believe that it is these poems written so well and funnily that actually adhere to my poetic senses.
Pretty skewed senses at that!
Lou the poem again. ;D

Nihal said...

You have an interesting way with your words. Being able to write a poem on losing a screw from your glasses... well, thought-provoking (not exactly) but interesting how even simplest items can be so attached to us.
Liked your previous posts too.
Looks like it's been a while since you've written. Keep posting.

jazzy said...

gillu didnt get a kitkat :D :D hahaha

mahesh said...

i discovered tht evry1 has a poet like thing inside.....jus need to break somethin of urs to get him out

GVS said...

nice one..ur poem is far bettr than ur jokes :)

me, as i am said...

ty ty all... 42nd comment!!!

(this would make sense to hitchikers guide to galaxy fans :') )