Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bitten by the bug.

Not done too well, but I'm rather smug about the fact that I didn't need to use any extra conjugates. Missed out on a lot of songs, but got a little tired. Do let me know how many you figure out =)
And yes, you need to be a fan to make any sense out of this.

Picture yourself in a train on a station with a ticket to ride when I get to the bottom while my guitar gently weeps because the wind is high for I have got a letter in your bag for me so hold me tight... it's you, a real nowhere man, your lips are moving, I cannot hear, and my advice to those who remember to let her into her room, isn't it good and I can't forget the time Mother Superior jump the shadow hanging over me; oh it won't be long before this dance is through please remember how I feel when you talk about destruction,don't you know that you can get high with a little help from the eggmen, they are all aboard; many more of them broken hearted people living in the octopus's garden near long and winding road and the way she looked at me was beyond compare, so how could I be there beneath the blue suburban skies so please love me for taking the easy way out but when you talk about destruction, don't you know that nothing's gonna change my world so why on earth should I moan... life goes on and she promises the earth to me and I love her, my Michelle.


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awesome! :-)