Monday, April 18, 2011

What electricity failure can do, that internet access cannot.

So a major thunderstorm in North-East US killed the electric supply to our building. As we speak, (you read, I type, mostly I type - did you know this guy who bought the domain way back in early 90s when internet telephony was being invented now became a millionaire thanks to a certain company which can have people paying 800$ should they start selling bricks prefixed with an i? - Google it. Anyway, back to subject matter,) the electric providers auto voice thingo informs me that the cause has been identified, (it was indeed the thunderstorm) and now they're thinking up of how to fix things.

Anywhoo, the point I'm trying to make is that I did something creative. I opened a word processor (Open Office, bitchez), but couldn't really write much. So I opened MS Paint (oh bite me) and played around with colours, edited what I'd done in Picasa, got an idea and used Paint some more and then Picasa some more.
Right, point is, this is what I made, and I don't care what Mr. Artsypants Mc Mystuffhangsingalleries thinks.
Using my friend's (who is always hungry, bored and sleepy, usually all at the same time) favourite internet emoticon so I can expression my emotions in brief, I <3 colours =)

To all the second graders who think they can do better, bring it on! To Ms. OoImgrownUp Imintellectuallol, my blog. I put up what I want to.

(Psst. Click on the pics to enlarge them.)


JD said...

You should be knighted for that art :|

But seriously, good use of boredom! =)

me, as i am said...

Eh! the art er, thingos(?) have names ok? First is spring, second, uh, girl.

Akhil said...

yeh to aamir khan in dhobi ghat type kuch ban gaya..

me, as i am said...

My art is artsy :P Did you notice the waves next to head of girl? :D

Prashant Nagpal said...

Oh yes, the tentacles too!