Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I lou my glasses :)

I had broken my glasses last night,
The screw fell out, went out of sight.
My spects were then no more one-pieced,
My vision blurred, trouble increased.

I couldn't recognize people 3 feet away from me
I couldn't tell a P from an R, or a D!
I was asked to count fingers again and again
That whole exercise really was a pain.

The tune in my head was a strange medley
Of 'What's going on' and 'Everything's so blurry'.
Internet and PC-time was antagonizing
As my anti-glare lenses were missing.

Then today, I thought I'll get them repaired
Even when the rain was playing truant and unfair.
I didn't give up, got wet in the process though.
Pakdofyd a Bakra to accompany me to Vasco.

The opticians were really sweet and nice,
They put in a new screw for no price.
The two pieces were then reunited,
Glasses back to business, I was delighted!

The tune in my head aint a medley anymore,
"I can see clearly now", as Marley had sung before.
I can recognize people, and attend classes,
I lou my awesome -wait for it- glasses!



This is a term that reminds most (well, most people who have had something to do with science) of Newton, physics and mechanics. Strictly speaking, inertia is the resistance an object has to a change in its state of motion. If a body is moving, it will keep doing so till an external force tries to stop it. Same way with a body at rest.

Now, how do you define rest? It really depends on the frame of reference right? If the object does not change its position with respect to this frame with time, it is 'at rest'. Now, if this frame of reference is moving (with respect to another boss-frame of reference of course), the 'stationary' object isn't well, stationary.

Similarly, an object that is perceived to be moving in one frame of reference can be taken as stationary in another. It all really depends on what the observer assumes to be the basic frame of reference. Where am I going with this explanation of high-school physics? Well, try applying this to 'real life'. Day-to-day situations. You are slogging your behind off at something, while your superior thinks you aren't moving at all. And things happen the other way round sometimes.

So if reality is just a bunch of perceptions, what is constant? Or in other fancy words, what remains unvarying between all the intersections of varied perceptions we label truth? And if it all really is this futile, why bother at all?

I am not so sure I know the answer to the first question. I'm guessing one word answers the second.


Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Ok. No idea why I'm going public with this. Maybe I've grown over it. Had been writing this since past semester. Yeah, took an awful lot of time. Added stanzas whenever I pleased. This piece suffered a lot, blame my whims and fancies. And now it dies.


Myriad thoughts
Reflected in her eyes
A sardonic smile
The perfect disguise

Commanding her rationale
To dive, ponder and pause
To unearth her own being
Find out who she was

The cherub
A carefree, foamy wave
Golden under the sun
Merrily ambling away

The sensitive
A soothing, patient brook
Talks to the mind
Returns what worries took

The thinker
Serene expanse of blue
A pebble's ripples
Contemplating old and new

The ambitious
A proud, roaring waterfall
Stones, hills, rocks
Wanting to conquer them all

The sorrowed
Bare, disobedient lament
A trickle, a deluge
Unrestrained drops of sentiment

The erudite
Orb's wisdom pouring in
Ocean gleaming in the sun
Ageless, all-pervading

The destructor
The whirlpool in the sea
A twisted motive,
Engulfing all in her fury

The mellowed
Meandering to the deep ranks
Recollecting and reminiscing
The voyage between two banks

The nature
The spirit in her entirety
Rediscovering herself,
The unvarying, elemental identity