Tuesday, March 20, 2007

what a day...

well its been a while since i put sumthn up. lots going on in college.. blogspot.com bein blocked.. exams in between.. e.g pracs.. and aalas being major hindrances... anyway this post is about this absolutely hilarious and mindbogglin day i had.... today the 2oth of march 2007, tuesday..

well i guess the ides of march came 5 days later for me.. was woken up by a phone call from my bored-n-alone at home-dad... tryin to explain the virtues of fasting to his half asleep daughter.. then my adopted dad abhinand (i adopted him... was missin out on free junk @ monginis..) calls me up at 8:15 am.. tryin to wake me up so i can start studyin for test 2.. told him ill wake up at 8 30.. then finally woke up at 9.. was at nescafe at around 10 20 wid maddie n abha gettin abhinand n guru to help us out wid eg..

eg pracs.. eg lecture... and now comes the funny part..

u see, i gotta go to this eye doc in panjim.. sum weird prob wid ma left eye's cornea.. anyway so i asked nandu (abhinand's got a real long name so..) if he wud cm wid me.. n like a gud obedient aagyakaari daddy he agreed.. so at around 4 pm nandu calls up.. "where are you? wat r u doin?" "am in ma room.. was dozing" "well so are we going to d doc or wat?" "yeah.. am comin.."

so then i finally woke up, got ready and we had our i cards bar-code read at the gate by 4:20pm.. and were at the zari bus stop (the nearest bus stop to our campus) by 4 30.. and were still dere by 4:50.. were countin the no of buses that had come and gone in the opposite direction while waitin for a bus to come take us to vasco.. and finally our prayers were answered. we reached vasco by around 5:10... and then the fun began...

hang on.. i gotta apologize to nandu in advance... well sorry for leakin the story daddie... but yeah well itll all be fine... and maybe 20 yrs down d line ud be tellin ur non-adopted, non-one-yr-younger-to-u kids these college life stories.. so tab ye kaam aayega..

we reached, stood in this reli long line to get 2 tickets of shuttle bus (non stop dat is) to panaji.. and when our no came, i gave the guy a 500 ka note (which i borrowed frm sanskriti/abha cos d local atm wasnt wrkin) and a 1 rupee coin.. got 2 tickets... and then promptly went n sat in d bus d ticket guy vaguely pointed towards... daddie coolest leadin d way..

we sat dere chitchattin fr abt 15 mins, watchin d bus gettin filled up.. and in fact so filled up 2 ppl dint hv ne place to sit.. n so d guy came n chkd all our tickets.. n dats wen we realized we were sittin in d wrong bus dat wudve taken us to margao.. and neway by the time we got off, our bus to panjim for which we had bought the tickets had left...! so well... d two idiots (ie me n nandu) then talked to dat ticket guy who jus washed his hands off da matter and told us we couldve asked d junta arnd which bus went where.. then we decided to take a bus back to chicalim (dats a stop in the direction back to campus from vasco).. so me n an abhinand not smilin/laughin fr once then came back to chicalim... waited fr another 20 odd minutes for a bus that went to panaji and not vasco, margao or bogmalo beach...

then sat in dis bus that had the same no as abhinand id no.. 407.. so he cheered up a bit, and was back to his usual self.. laughin wid his eyes so tightly shut ud think he ws a japanese animated cartoon.. and then he slept off.. being a single parent can be stressful at times u see... beech beech mein he ll ask how far panjim was..

neway we reached panjim, and then took two bike taxis to d doctors clinic.. was awsm fun... zippin thru d road, watchin d ferries amble about in d river... neway so the fun ride ended, and to of us reached d doctor's...
...and had jus finished with climbin up d stairs to his clinic that we meet an elderly gentleman (who happened to use jus one eye acc to nandu) who tells us that the doc nt around cos deres sum family function hpnin... and dis is wen i gt an appointment like 2 weeks back.. we come back down to the road and then go back to the clinic again (nandus idea) to see if the docs really nt der n d guy wasnt jus bluffin..

so well... u can guess wat we were going thru... wasted about 120 bucks, and 3 hrs on reaching the place.. and then d guys gone dancin in a wedding... so then to give those 120 bucks sum alue, we decided to blow up another 100 odd bucks, and had 1 pav bhaji each (abhinand had a lassi too) at legacy of bombay, jahan do teen baar poochh kar pahunch gaye the..

anyway, then we were jus tlkin abt the freaky day we had had till then.. and jus speculatin wat cud happen next.. abhinand: the chef dies while makin our pav bhaji.. me: the lassi's poisoned.. nandu: the guys gonna cm up n say "sorry ma'am bt u gotta leave cos ur laughin too loud, disturbin others".. me: the guys gonna cm up n say "sorry sir bt u gotta leave cos ur laughin too loud, disturbin others".. nandu: sum customer only will get so pissed he ll cm n start a fight.. me: yeah n u can keep fightin wid him n ill go back to the campus.. etc etc. then began the speculatin round..
..the hypotheses dat a 1/5th msc phy + electronics n instumentation pro and a 1/8th comp sci engineer came up wid were dat we would be made to wait till 9 30 for our pav bhaji and then we ll realize its too late neway so chuck d pav and the bhaji n get to the campus.. where we wud be declared late by computer ji/mr computer cos we entered d campus at 10:01.. and i dunno weird stuff.

so neway we finally finished wid our snax.. and asked a guy who told abhinand he needed to walk (to reduce da adipose on him) n headed to the bus stand, knowin fully well we hv missed d last shuttle to vasco, which generally leaves at arnd 7:30
..bt the programmer up above in the sky so blue/grey/black (depends) had smthn else in his mind.. so not only did we get the tickets fr d shuttle, it turned out to be a pretty comfy bus and it started off pretty much as soon as we sat..
somehow the india-bermuda match then made its presence felt in our convos.. and i got to know that india were 279 wen the 40th over ended... and by the time their innings ended they had made 413 runs.. so well.. we too had finished 40 overs.. bt the day hadnt ended yet..

41st over.. we encountered these deadly speed reducin bumps dat can reduce ur life span too..
42nd over.. ditto
43rd over.. we brainstormed over our options in the slog overs.. whether to get down at chicalim or to go back to vasco.. decided we ll head to vasco if we dnt get to chicalim by dot 8 30pm (since more options of cmin bak frm vasco.. chicalim deres a strong chance of gettin stranded)
44th over.. its 8 30 in nandus watch.. bus hasnt reached chicalim
45th over.. bus reaches chicalim. time 8 32pm... we get off

45.1 we see a bus standin at the other end n make a rush fr it
45.2 it turns out to be leavin fr margao
45.3 we see 2 bright headlights headin towards us
45.4 we realize its a tanker carryin highly inflammable stuff
45.5 bus to bogmalo beach
46.0 OUR bus.. takin us back to zari..

46.1,2,3,4,5,6 i hpnd to get a seat next to an extremely exuberant drunk guy who went on explaining on the phone dat he had just missed called (if u get wat i mean) "aise heitch kiya tha" usne phone..

48th over (=47.1,2..6).. we reach the zari bus stop, and safely make our way to NH17B thru the village n its varied smells, and wet patches that might not always be water..

49.1 we see a drunkard who just missd bein flattened by a qualis
49.2 we see a plane that luks like a UFO, n keeos circlin around the entire time
49.3 we see a tanker cntainin highly inflammable stuff (again) going at speeds u generally see in car races..
49.4 we see a car most prob bein driven by a drunk guy.. loud music blarin out.. it swerved and came pretty close to nandu.. my daddy.. magnetic personality.. nt d cars fault :P
49.5 that car enters our campus...!!!
and finally the proverbial cherry on the top..
last ball of the day..
... we enter the campus, and i put my id card on the table in frnt of the bar code reader in d guards cabin, wen two of us are instructed to get outta d cabin, and give our cards fr entry thry a window especially made for this purpose...

so yeah well...
one freaky day... serves a reminder.. murphy rules!! and so do his rules...


nimit said...

ok well fnally after reading on and on and on i finished ..... gr8 post the last part with india and bermuda is good ..... btw u actually reached on time ..... we have exceeded limits a lot of times ....( its fun breaking rules )..... keep writing :D

ps: dont let go mustafa without a treat

ankurindia said...

nice blog

saakshita said...

waah re waah a full fledged creative story . nice . atleast such things happen its good at times isnt ti. well i love the speculation part damn funny and bizzare. well nice one rite somethinng like this again do some social service removing boredom (for others):)