Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Semester ended, and vacation begun twenty minutes later. Had a nice dinner, started with a road trip a couple of hours later. Saw and stayed in a beautiful house in a quiet hilly town filled with books on almost every possible topic under the sun. Grabbed a bike and pedaled along a brook gushing by in no time. Realized I've read way too many Agatha Christie/Enid Blyton type mystery novels, set in small, peaceful, beautiful towns - saw a potential clue to solving a mystery every ten seconds. Almost had a plot form in my head, but not quite. Read a Kipling short. Slept in an attic. Went up to a skiing resort not too long before the sunset, didn't ski but thought the ride more than made up for it. Figured I was more of the 'stare silently out of the window and look at all that is happening' than the driving types.

Went for a stroll in the town that looked frozen in 1800s. Found an odds and ends shop that had a section for old books. Felt like books were the element the corner was made of, and that the supporting furniture existed just to break the monotony every couple of inches. Had dinner outside by the lantern light, with the sound of rushing water making a nice filler for conversations. One of those times everything comes together perfectly, the companionship, the food, and the ambiance. Simulated what can be called a four-person-seater race car on an air mattress by making use of an Xbox player thoroughly engaged in the game as the driver.

Drove back up to our apartments after two very reinvigorating days, and then left soon enough for the polar opposite. Had amazing dinner once again, and then drove across the river. Stared at skyscrapers and the millions of reflections twinkling in the river. Got me thinking about how two places that look completely different can fill you up with the same sensation of wonder. Came back home in the wee hours of morning. Said goodbyes to friends, caught up with sleep.

Left for the Big Apple once again, with a different set of people. Covered about twenty four blocks walking in the park, paid homage to John Lennon. Wondered if there were two buildings that looked the same. Saw huge dinosaurs, very high concentration of neon lights beaten only by the density of people in the square. Extricated people from Barbie store. Saw buildings and Jack Sparrow figures built out of Lego. Bought four huge posters. Felt good that I finally had a better idea of the city, well, an island at least. Saw the city transform into a sea of lights from over 1200 feet above sea level. Got reminded of this comic strip I had accidentally come across - talked about how you get happy first, and then go find the reason. Ended the year with rather uninspiring show of fireworks, we were just too far away. The mad huddle dance after that made up for it.

Came back home, slept a lot. Finished Sherlock, including the series two premiere. Can't wait for the next episode. Felt the familiar sensation of time passing by very quickly when I'm enjoying myself. The break has been good, good fun so far.

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