Sunday, September 27, 2009

Of lizards and paranoia

My roomie is on a vacation with family, which leaves me here alone. And today, while I was out for lunch, a lizard decided to hang out in my room.

So I come back, and I see this ugly big fat huge gross reptile on my wall. And as is my natural inclination to all things scaly and reptiley, I freak out.

I called up GV, who in the middle of catching his breath, in the middle of laughing really hard, asked me to get an egg shell, or onion shell, as those generally are considered effective in shooing lizards away. I muster some courage, and enter my room. The lizard senses my presence. It starts moving around on the wall, as it had probably realized that it had intruded upon my territory. And gets me thinking of an exit route if in case it decides to change planes and come on to the floor. Luckily it doesn't.

I dare to sit on my bed, get the laptop working and go online. I ping Sharan, who suggests yelling 'SHOO!' at the top of my voice. I yell (not at the top of my voice, my landlord's daughters no likey yelling) - nothing doing. It starts retreating into a crevice. Good sign, I think. I use the fundae I've learnt at PS, and send an SOS through my facebook account to my social network. I very soon realize this was not going to help. The lizard now is in a no-conflict zone, but the enemy still lurks about.

So, not knowing what to do, and acutely missing the roomie who at least can overcome the fear, I decide to let the lizard assume I'm very dangerous, but I still will grant it its life if it just shooes away from my territory. And hence I just go spend some time walking about and soothing my nerves on the terrace adjoining the room, hoping I won't have to make acquaintances with its family members.

This happened about an hour back, and so far the lizard has not come back. I can only hope the night comes and goes peacefully, with no more intrusions. Amen.


Agent047 said...

lol..u cud have tried to have a frendly relation wid lizard ..that wud have provided u wid a company :)

me, as i am said...


smilingassassin said...

u clearly have not been to kerala!

me, as i am said...

nope i havent, and i dunno if i want to now... :|

4ever a Gunner said...

ohh so u r the mysterious commenter!!!!! :D .. must say a vpleasant surprise...out of all possible ppl i thot who cud be dt during anoder of those velle days in office, u weren't der :D

btw regarding the lizard and 27 hilarious comments on fb l8r, i recommend u muster up some courage and cut its tail!!!! :P :P

on a more serious note, jus let it be and it will let u be!!!! :)

Saniya said...

take anything long enough, stick, ruler, jhaadu and keep hitting it against the wall near the lizard n it will go in the opposite direction.

Angad said...

egg shell works.... ive tried it... just hang it around the wall or something

RG said...

did you know?
lizards eat up the other insects (who, btw, collectively, are more disgusting than the little reptile)
did you know?

and yes, egg shells do work

me, as i am said...

there is lakshman rekha, and allout and HIT and like for other insects, and so if they don't collect, they cant be anything as disgusting as a lizard. :|

Rohit said...

Nalini too is scared sh*tless of lizards! :-D hehe