Saturday, April 04, 2009

New New!

Got bored of the old colour, I mean, the looks of the blog weren't changed since it was created, that is about 4 5 years ago.

A little less of black & white in this scheme, and a little more of beige and earthy tones. As is rather obvious, if I might add.

Content still covers every end of the spectrum and everything that lies in between.

And now I really will get back to my project. No more AOE, no more distractions.



Ankita said...

And you have put links to others' blogs, if i may add to the list of changes (can't really call it a list if you have written about just one change, can i?) :)

RaSh said...

Wait did I see AOE there? :O

me, as i am said...

@ankita: hehe... yeah ive put more links (and no funny business of a widget for me, i prefer good ole' html :P)

@rash: yep! AOE rocketh... though i pretty much suck at it as of now...