Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Taare Zameen Par :)

It was supposed to be just five of us meeting up, hanging around for a while on 31st evening. Simran couldn't come, and Pranay and Manohar were gonna take a lot of time. So me and Agastya just hung around, roaming around Basant Lok market and talking (me doing the most of it, robots aren't exactly known to be excellent conversationalists) and then i saw there was a show for TZP beginning at 6 : 45 pm. So on an impulse, I decided we would watch the movie. So after a long long wait till 6:45 (these two made it in time, surprisingly) we went in to watch the movie, me dreading I'll sleep through it as I hadn't slept properly the last night. And the movie began.

Now I had heard a lot about the directorial debut of Aamir Khan. It's good, but really senti. Maybe a little too serious for New Years, i thought. Well, with a little help from hindsight, I'd say this was one of the best ever ways to bid goodbye to a year.

No drama, no dance/romance of typical Bollywood movies. Mindblowing performance by everyone, especially Darsheel, who plays Ishaan in the movie. The beauty lied in the fact that the film said just enough. Nothing more, nothing less. Portrayed the innocence and the dreams of childhood brilliantly. The wonderful feeling of not knowing any fear, when terms and conditions attached with every darn thing of the adult world don't exist. When it makes perfect sense to bunk school and roam around the streets without any tensions when you haven't done your Math homework.

It's so easy to admit that you were wrong, that you made a mistake when you are a kid. Child has a belief that there is always a possibility that something beyond his/her thoughts exists. Something we lose as we grow up. The simplicity just touches a chord.

Taare Zameen Par shows all this, and what happens when a child is not given a chance to make himself understood. The parents blinded by their expectations just push the kid where the stereotypes tagged with success demand everyone to be. And the rigidity in our society, where everyone has to follow a set pattern, when every one is a distinct individual.

TZP is a sensitive and simple account of one such struggle of an 8 year old. A must-watch, and not just because it solemnly sensitizes the viewer towards the dyslexic and the mentally-challenged. Also as it urges you to think different, to be open-minded about people. To let the kids blossom into what they should be.

And also how simple things in life leave a greater impact on you.

Way to go Darsheel! and Aamir too. :)


divyansh said...

gud review..gud enuf to make me wanna see dis movi as soon as possible. in fac i heard som reviews on tv by d so clld experts bt dis 1 appeald to me d most.

Eeshan said...

ill comment more in detail once i see this movie.

Abha said...

nice! I like the focus on the 'Simplicity' part of it and not 'he is such a great painter' part!
cool! :)

xenon said...

hmm..havent seent it...but the way u have written tells me a lot about it..sure gonna watch it!!

saakshita said...

i agree, u probably explain the point and the idea of the movie in a very explicit and to the point manner... very true. I am the witness for all those who need one. :)

Sandeep said...

This is your best blog till date.The fact that your blog revealed just enough about the movie - not too much nor too less was what appealed to me the most. As a review , it was as professional as it gets - really crisp and to the point. Never knew you write so well... Way to go :)