Sunday, October 28, 2007

madness has a method


Test 2 approaching. And hence the expected increase in the tendency to do nothing, also known as wasting time. Well, yeah. Finished with zephyr, and biology mt pracs among other things. Zephyr over and done with and am too saturated. So this post is about the second-last bio mt expt.

Well, this time around i didn't begin with the madness. My college admins did. First of all, we have bio pracs in second year for engineering students... And then, you have a seemingly sane aim for an experiment: "DNA quantitation" as my manual calls it. So you think this is all fundoo interesting stuff till you reach the lab/read the procedure, whichever happens first. So here goes, my best friend, the bio experiment (you'll see why i used a detergent's tagline here in a short while)

All was going fine and smooth initially. We weighed green peas and ground them till we had a pea soup in our mortars (or pestle, always been confused which is what). And then, since this is a logical experiment happening in a logical university, we carefully measured about 10 ml of liquid detergent and mixed it with our soup. The detergent prevents any damage to DNA apparently.

Then we did more stuff that would make any eccentric alchemist proud of us. And then we pippetted about 5 ml of pineapple juice out of a tiny 'Real' tetra pack. Or rather saw our instructor do that. This was also supposed to help us/the DNA in some way.. probably provide it a morale boost or something. Keine Ahnung!

Pineapple did its job to the best of its capabilities; soon we could see the white DNA of the green peas floating about on top of the solution in our test tubes. So we pippetted this DNA out, and the made it hop around on a cyclomixer. Well, that was a unique experience. Quite frankly I had never seen DNA jump around like mad, trying to get outta the tube before that day. Then we did more of funky stuff. And then we copied readings. But then again, bio mt was the only fun lab this semester. All weird and gross experiments under the sun, from blood group typing ("tum mujhe khoon do, main tumhe grades doonga" - anonymous) to the mung dal-phenophthalein pink... We've been through it all.

And now i better start studying...

So long for now.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Warning: All text that follows is 100% non-serious. It is as non-serious as things can possibly get. Make sure this fact sinks deep into your head. As only then will this make sense.

Blank. Anger. Nothing. Frustration. Respite. Tiredness. Zero. Submission. Numbness. Stirring. Consciousness. Silence. Vacuum. Judgement. Accusations. Misunderstandings. Null. Deadlines. Dead-ends. Truth. Reality. Clarity. Vindication. Satisfaction. Humility. Smile. Pain. Force. Misgivings. Emptyness. Tears. Dawn. Dusk.